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Who else want to discover how to increase your business profit by 28% in the next 60 days by implementing proven and simple, yet incredible powerful and effective marketing and sales strategies? They don't cost a lot and produce predefined and measurable results NOW!

You will find out "How a tiny $65 ad turned into over $2,000 in cash in just 30 days.";

"How this simple but effective promotion returned $15,000 in first week (the cost was $600)"

"I spy with my marketing eye - great marketing ploy - series of KGB style marketing techniques - reserved only for secret agents or very successful business owners"

and more bank account fattening marketing strategies...


:: 7 Deadly marketing sins 95% of business owners do ... more

:: Why SWOT it? (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis)... more

:: More articles about proven and simple yet powerful and extremely effective marketing strategies. These strategies don't cost a fortune; they produce predefined and measurable results! ...

Presenter - Dmitri Stern. I am available! Call now 0800-GROWTH. 103 referral strategies that will convert your business into profit making cash machine in 90 days ... Guaranteed!

You know how you sometimes go to a seminar and you see flash looking presenters, wearing a Rolex watch, an Armani suit and golden rings - representation of a walking success.

The intro person says: "holder of multiple degrees, millionaire, multiple businesses...without any further ado - please welcome late and great"... they would jump on the stage and tell you a story why they are qualified to be in front of you and teach you how to live your life...

You sit there and think to yourself - well this is all good, but what is in it for me? Is it for a practical content or I came here to listen to their great life story? Or even worse - to do a shoulder massage?

Well, that will be not this kind of seminar - and this is a promise. I'll work hard to deliver practical content and at the end of the day if what you hear will make sense to you and you'll see how your business will benefit from these strategies, I will ask you to become my client. There's no hidden agenda, unrealistic values or apocalyptical guarantees.

You will hear my thoughts, backed up by practical experience, on how to make more money through proven and simple yet extremely powerful and effective marketing strategies!

Here's what you are going to learn:

1. How to make maximum profits in minimum time.
2. Amazing Secrets of powerful offers that instantly attract a flood of new customers
3. How to steal customers from your competitors using low cost direct mail strategies. 
4. Convert lookers into buyers wanting to throw their wallets at you - quickly and easily! 
5. How to turn 'Price Shoppers' into profitable sales - even if your prices are higher then your competitors. 
6. How to get $15,000 worth of FREE Advertising each year...Plus lots more! 

Dmitri will place all the pieces of sales and marketing puzzle into one simple to understand picture.

  • Why are you in the business?
  • What business are you in?
  • Common properties of the successful businesses.
  • Marketing made easy.
  • Anatomy of successful and ethical sales process - 7 steps.
  • 5.5 reincarnations of your customers.
  • Three essential business systems.
  • Three ways to grow your business.
  • How all above fits into successful sales strategy.
  • How to increase your profits by 33% in the next 60 days.
  • Forget Attitude!
  • Spiritual Marketing - basics.

And once the foundation is laid - you will learn over 100 referral strategies that can be implemented in your business next day. This will create endless supply of new customers - guaranteed!

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Here is what other attendees have to say.

Where: North Harbour Stadium Conference Centre. Auckland. There's plenty of off-street parking.
When: 20-Sep-05 17:45 to 22:00. Registration, networking and mouthwatering cookies at 17:45 with start at 18:00 to 22:00

To book your ticket today click here or call +64 9 4770490. 

Ticket price:

$149 plus GST

Early bird (prior 1-Sep-05) bookings will receive 10% discount - will be refunded to your credit card.

This includes tea, coffee and delicious home made cookies on arrival! Not to mention brilliant networking opportunities. All attendees will receive "How to get maximum profits in minimum time" e-book (value $89) absolutely FREE..

"I've been employing Dmitriís services for 5 months now. As a result of his input, the new account uptake went from 70-90 to 210-230 per month. We've budgeted for $300K in turnover for this year, we are nearing $1M in sales. I have to expand the infrastructure to service increased workload and we now have 6 vans on the roads and looking to add 2 more".

Paul Griffith, Stewart & Rogers Electrical Auckland

Here is what the seminar attendees have to say...

"Before entering into the business of Marketing, I was completely out in the cold. Dmitri's program has been so beneficial for both my knowledge in the marketing area, and also with my self esteem. This is a wonderful well structured program which you can greatly benefit from, very user friendly even for the people who are new into the marketing area and also for those who need to update their skills.
By following the guidelines and Dmitri's experience there is no doubt that by doing this your business will grow dramatically. I have found that each session is very enjoyable and inspiring, I leave feeling highly motivated and full of great ideas. I highly recommend anyone to grasp hold of this wonderful concept and watch your business grow."

Joanne Dickson, Marketing, Sales and Development Manager
Creative Abilities and Associates Ltd

"Dmitriís expertise saved my time and money in helping sharpen my focus and define the area of my skill application. With these new strategies I feel confident in any field of my business endeavours - itís a lifetime investment.
Apart from clear and effective practical advice, Dmitri ignites with the genuine enthusiasm and authenticity of a man who Ďhas done ití. He is persistent, determined, and proactive in his approach and definitely is one who walks his talk!"

Julia K., NLP Practitioner

"Dmitri is organised, knowledgeable, resourceful and very effective. He solves the problems and makes things happen"

Peter Westerveld, CIO, Onesource

You can read my articles here:
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P. S. The difference between "I'm ok for now" and driving a Porsche or going on a 6 month holiday is knowledge and its consistent application - marketing knowledge that is. Do you believe that a Porsche owner works harder then the person who says "This is not for me, I'm ok for now..."?

P. P. S. All attendees will receive the premium content subscription to "The Outstanding Results in Marketing (Premium)" - value $89. This content is not available to the general public. It contains case studies of different marketing angles for various businesses.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone this seminar within 3 days of scheduled date. In this circumstance your payment will be refunded in full.
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