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Objection Handling - the fifth step in Advanced Successful Selling. Author - Dmitri Stern. I am available! Call now 0800-GROWTH. Dear reader, if you have missed the article on the fourth step - Presentation - you may review it here

You've done your best. You've explained to them all the features, advantages and the benefits of your product or service. You trial close your prospect whole way through the presentation...

What is trial close? The trail close is a question that allowing the astute sales person to gauge the level of prospect's interest. "Would you agree John, that having 7 seats in your next car is going to be particularly useful for your extended family?" "Do you see Mary how this dishwasher is going to save you valuable time?" "If this [product /service benefit] is going to address your [needs /wants] it would be of your interest, wouldn't it Mrs. Prospect?"

The more prospect says YES, the higher are the chances that you are on the right track. As you arrive to the final question ... yes you've guessed it ... the final question would be "Can I have your money?" - you answer all their questions and addressed all their needs. You'd wait for their answer in anticipation and here you get it...

"Hmmm... I have to think about it"

Your shoulders going down along with corners of your mouth. Sure deal just turned into another "tyre kicker".

Well my dear reader, first of all if you have this objection, you most probably didn't qualify them properly (check out here how to do it - here).

Secondly: you may not present all the benefits of your product or service. See how to do it here: here

Thirdly: did you trial close your prospect and measure his/her emotional response?

There are different theories about objection handling. Some say that if you qualify and present properly, you shouldn't have any objections. In real sales situation you are always going to have them. And here's what I have to say about it - learn to love them, because

Objections are Buying Signals

Objections mean that your prospect is not dead, but evaluating your products and services. Is it going to work for them? Do they really trust you? -- It's you job to help them to make this decision.

Of course, being an ethical sales person - you have identified the genuine need for what you have to sell, thereafter your task is to educate your prospect, address their concerns and close the sale for the benefit of both parties - yours and your prospect's.

The good news is that there are only 6 most common objections in most of sales situations.

"Have to think it over"

is most common one and it's false one too. If you asked them whole way through the qualification and presentation processes if they see the benefits of the subject for them and they say "YES" all the time, then there's nothing to think about.

This objection is not real. As an astute and ethical sales person, you are, you need to find what is their reason to postpone the buying decision.

The way to do it is very simple: "I understand that this is big commitment for you Mr. Prospect to buy the product/service you've told me that you need, want and see the benefits of it. Just for my advantage could you tell me what do you have to think about?"


"Obviously you have a good reason for wanting to think it over. May I ask what is it?"

-- "Oh I think it's awfully expensive" - here it is - the MONEY objection. And you start addressing it: "Comparing to what?"

-- "Ah, we've tried it before and it didn't work" You may say: "Well, don't you mind sharing with me what exactly has happened?"

The same way you'd plan your Qualification and Presentation you may consider to prepare for the Objection Handling stage. It pays to list all possible objections and 2-3 rebuttals for each of them.

If you’d like to learn more on how to apply these strategies - go here now.


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