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The Seven Deadly Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Your 'Blueprint' For Generating Huge Amounts Of Profitable Cash-flow For Any Business

Marketing Mistake #1: Not sticking with what's working. The lesson I learnt from the above example (and you should too) is that if you have a winner already, don't stop doing it until it stops working, or you find something better to replace it with.

In fact, when you've got a winning ad or promotion, the chances are you will get tired of it long before your market will. After all, you see it and hear it week in week out. You are used to seeing the cash registers ring, watching the orders and customers streaming into your business. However, your potential customers are most likely noticing your ad for the first time when they come in, because, until they want what you are offering and are thinking of buying, they most likely haven't as much as given your masterpiece a second glance.

So make sure you tell the same story, each time you run your ad or promotion.

Marketing Mistake #2: Cutting a new path when someone else has already built a highway!!

Don't re-invent the wheel. Do your homework. Find out what's worked in the past, or better still, what's working now. This vital first step is usually overlooked by all those 'creative' minds in the marketing and advertising world.

That's lazy and irresponsible. The first thing I do (now) when creating a new marketing strategy for myself or a client, is to review everything that's already been done and the results it achieved. The second thing I do is to get copies of the ads and direct mail campaigns from all the competitors and people in similar industries, to see what they are doing and to see what sales angles and marketing strategies are being repeated over and over. I have learnt to be humble and appreciate that I don't know everything, and that there may already be a proven promotional idea in existence that I can simply improve on.

Once I see what's working, I will then look at ways to create a better, more compelling version of that promotion.

Marketing Mistake #3: Writing jingles and clever slogans instead of giving lots of reasons why someone should buy your product.

"We'll do it right - - for you". What a joke. This car dealer is now broke. Do you honestly believe that a used car dealer yelling that all over your TV screen is on the level? Are you going to rush down to him because you heard that jingle on the Radio? Pretty unlikely but, what could you offer?

Well, how about offering free test rides? Or free trade-in appraisals. Or a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your new or used car. How about creating a report showing prospective car buyers how you check over each car you sell and why you can give them better value than the other 'noisy' bugger on TV? Why not have a few customers giving their story of why they like dealing with you? Or how about running some ads for a FREE Report: Showing people how to buy a used car without getting ripped off? Would that work? You bet it would! And remember...

Don't worry about saying too much in your ads - unless what you say is boring.

And don't give me that gobbledygook about people not "reading" long copy and lots of white space. It's a myth spread by people too lazy or too incompetent to figure out how to write good selling ad copy. According to Gary Halbert (and me), the rule to follow in all your marketing is...

The more you tell, the more you'll sell.

The more you tell, the more you'll sell.

The more you tell, the more you'll sell.

Disclaimer: Unless you write dribble.

Marketing Mistake #4: Not selling to those people who already bought the same thing from you.

Let's face it. People are basically greedy. Most people are never happy with what they have, they want something better, newer, bigger or simply more of the same.

Guess what? When a jeweller client of mine mailed a $550 check to all his past customers as a thank you for past business, the first guy to rush in to use his check on a bargain was the chairman of a major Australian bank. He loved the offer and the special deal my client offered on his jewellery.

I wonder if Hugh Hefner (the founder of Playboy Magazine) who dated over 1000 (sometimes for just a very quick time) women would want to "date" yet another.

And do you think the Devonport doctor who has 10 cars, including 4 Rolls Royce's, wants another one?? Or why all the rich Mission Bay and Parnell ladies scramble at the designer label factory sales.

Look: People who buy once or twice, usually want more of the same. Offer amazing bargains. Offer unheard of service. Offer a free second-hand car to everyone who buys a new one. Or offer a guarantee.

Make a more appealing offer in your marketing campaigns.

In other words, bribe people to buy from you.

Marketing Mistake #5: Thinking your customers are smarter than they really are.

95% of people have the reading skills and comprehension of a 6th grader. That's the age at which most people stop as far as their reading skills go. When selling, explain things in baby talk because if what you say can be misunderstood, it will be. Use short words. Have short paragraphs, even if you are writing to scientists or lawyers. Infer nothing. Use simple English. Even if your customers can read sophisticated language, they love getting information that's easy to read (really easy!) instead of the mumbo jumbo they normally get.

So make it easy, make it simple, and remember...

Your customers are probably not quite as smart as you think they are.

Marketing Mistake #6: Forgetting that most people have been 'burned' in the past. As a result they don't trust all businesses and will probably be skeptical and cautious about your offer!!

There are three main reasons why people (those that have the money) won't buy what you're selling:

Firstly, because they simply don't want what you are selling.

Secondly, they want the money they have more than they want what you're offering. In other words, they don't see the value in what you're selling.

And thirdly, they don't buy what you're selling because they don't believe the product you're selling will do what you say it will. In other words, they don't trust you. They don't believe you'll honour your guarantee or that you'll deliver on your promise.

The way to overcome this is to give details of how your 100% guarantee really means they can get their money back. Details of your overheads, of why you're really selling at bargain prices. Give references, use testimonials of satisfied customers, offer free trials. Spell it all out for them.

Tell them more.

Give them details, details and yet more details.

Marketing Mistake #7: Not asking for help. Especially other people in your industry.

Frequently ask the advice of other people. Successful people are almost always givers, who will lend a helping hand. Swallow your pride and call the people miming ads you like. Call someone successful in your industry, even in another city, and ask them how they would solve a particular problem you have. Remember. . . you are not alone; others have walked the path before you. And...

Almost every problem you face, has already been solved by someone else.

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